Akechi Mitsutada

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  • Death: d.1582
  • Distinction: Akechi retainer
  • Japanese: 明智 光忠 (Akechi Mitsutada)

Mitsutada was a cousin and retainer of Akechi Mitsuhide, though his exact parentage is a matter of debate. He was given Yakami castle in Tanba province after the Hatano were destroyed in 1577. In 1582, in the Akechi attack on Oda Nobunaga in Kyoto, Mitsutada participated in the assault on Nijô (where Nobunaga's heir, Nobutada, was holed up). He was wounded by gunfire in the action and put under medical attention at a nearby temple. He committed suicide when he learned of Mitsuhide's defeat at Yamazaki.