Yoshimura Kan'ichiro

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  • Born: 1840
  • Died: 1868
  • Titles: Shinsengumi Investigator
  • Japanese: 吉村 貫一郎 (Yoshimura Kan'ichirou)

Yoshimura Kanichiro was a Nanbu han samurai who practiced Shinto Ryu in Morioka and Hokushin Itto Ryu in Edo. He left Nanbu han and joined the Shinsengumi in 1865. Despite the fact that he was a Kenjutsu teacher in the Shinsengumi, there is little record of his participation in battle, however his name is seen in some records as a negotiator. Kanichiro was missing during the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. After the Shinsengumi left for Edo, he visited his Nanbu han residence in Osaka and tried to return to Nanbu han, but was denied and he commited Seppuku there.

Yoshimura Kanichiro in Fiction


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