Wu Peifu

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Calligraphy by Wu Peifu of a poem by Nogi Maresuke. It reads:
Mountain and river, grass and tree, grow barren
For ten miles around the fresh battlefield the winds smell of blood.
Conquering horses do not advance nor do men talk
outside the walls of Jinzhou town, I stand in the setting sun
  • Born: 1874
  • Died: 1939
  • Chinese/Japanese: 佩孚 (Wú Pèifú / Go Haifu)

Wu Peifu was one of the more prominent warlords of China's Warlord period, following the fall of the Qing Dynasty. He was often called the "Jade Marshal," a reference to his education and cultivation.

Wu was based chiefly in Hunan province, and was a strong nationalist. He is famous for refusing to collaborate with the Japanese occupiers during the 1930s, and is said to have died from an abscessed tooth, after refusing to visit non-Chinese doctors in the foreign concessions of Shanghai.


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