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The USS Macedonian was a sailing ship in the fleet brought to Edo by Commodore Perry in 1854. It was captained by Joel Abbot at that time. While Perry's flagship, the Susquehanna, as well as the Powhatan and Mississippi made anchor just outside Edo Bay on 1854/1/14 (Feb 11), the crew of the Macedonian made a mistake in the headings and accidentally grounded the ship on a sandbar or the like off the store of Nagai village in the Miura peninsula (Sagami province). They managed to free the ship the following day.

The Macedonian then resumed serving as a part of Perry's fleet, traveling to the Ogasawara Islands and remaining anchored at Shimoda for a time. It accompanied a portion of Perry's fleet to Hakodate in the 4th-5th months of 1854 and then returned along with the rest of the fleet to Shimoda.


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