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* ''Born: [[1560]]''
* ''Died: [[1583]]''
* ''Title: Tôtômi no Kami''
* ''Son: Son: Kameômaru''
* Japanese: 蘆名 盛隆

Moritaka was a son of [[Nikaido Moriyoshi|Nikaidô Moriyoshi]], the lord of Sukagawa Castle, and 18th lord of the Ashina in [[Mutsu province|Mutsu]]. He sent as a hostage to the Ashina clan, but was later adopted to succeed [[Ashina Moriuji]] in [[1575]], after his eldest son had died of illness. He was a skilled warrior, however vassals of the Nikaido clan and others started a rebellion, and he was assassinated by one of his own retainers (Ôba Sanzaemon). His son had died at the age of 2 and so Moritaka was succeeded by [[Ashina Morishige|Morishige]], a son of [[Satake Yoshishige]].

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