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* ''Birth: [[1586]]''
* ''Death: [[1632]]''
* ''Distinction: [[Tokugawa clan|Tokugawa]] retainer''
* ''Title: Tajima no kami''
* ''Sons: [[Asano Mutsuakira]] and [[Asano Nagaharu]]''

Nagaakira succeeded his elder brother [[Asano Yukinaga|Yukinaga]] and resided at Fuchu in [[Kai province]]. On the eve of the Osaka Castle conflict, Toyotomi retainers attempted to convince Nagaakira to lend his strength to their cause. Nagaakira not only remained loyal to the [[Tokugawa clan|Tokugawa]] but reportedly took 44 heads in the sieges of [[Osaka Castle]] ([[1614]], [[1615]]). He was installed at Hiroshima in [[Aki province]], worth some 426,000 ([[1619]]), and had earlier married a daughter of [[Tokugawa Ieyasu]] ([[1616]]).


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