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* ''Birth: [[1536]]
* ''Death: [[1610]]
* ''Distinction: Lord of Izumo''

Yoshihisa was the second son of [[Amako Haruhisa]] and succeeded his father in [[1562]]. He attempted to resist the growing power of the [[Mori clan|Môri]] but was unable to expel the latter when they began an invasion of [[Izumo province|Izumo]] in [[1563]]. He lost [[Shiga castle]] but managed to hold off an initial assault on [[Gassan-Toda castle|Gassan-Toda]] in [[1564]]. The Môri besieged Gassan-Toda in [[1565]]. Yoshihisa lost the confidence of his men when he executed one of his chief retainers, [[Uyama Hisanobu]], on erroneous charges of treason. Faced with starvation, Yoshihisa surrendered in the 1st month of [[1566]] and was placed under confinement in [[Aki province]] with his younger brothers ([[Amako Tomohisa|Tomohisa]] and [[Amako Hidehisa|Hidehisa]]) for the following 16 years. He was eventually allowed an income of some 570 koku and moved to [[Nagato province]], where his income was increased to around 1,300 koku. He at length became a monk and died at the age of 74.

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