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[[Image:Egara.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Egara Tenjin.]]
*''Established: [[1104]]''
*''Japanese'': 荏柄天神社 ''(Egara Tenjin sha)''

Egara Tenjin is a [[Shinto shrine]] in [[Kamakura]] counted as one of Japan's three great [[Tenjin]] shrines, along with [[Fukuoka|Fukuoka's]] [[Dazaifu Tenmangu|Dazaifu Tenmangû]] and [[Kyoto|Kyoto's]] [[Kitano Tenmangu|Kitano Tenmangû]]. ([[Umeda Tenmangu|Umeda Tenmangû]] in [[Osaka]] is sometimes included as the third instead of Egara Tenjin.)

It is said that in [[1104]], an image of Tenjin fell to earth in Kamakura during a thunderstorm. This was revered by the local villagers, and from that time the shrine was built and worship began. The shrine was originally known as Egara-san Tenmangû.

When [[Minamoto no Yoritomo]] established the shogunate in Okura this shrine was worshipped as the protector of the ''kimon'', the unlucky northeastern direction.

A [[gingko]] tree at the shrine is said to be the second oldest gingko in the city, after that at [[Tsurugaoka Hachimangu|Tsurugaoka Hachimangû]]. The tree has been designated a "Natural Monument of the City" (市天然記念物).

*Plaques on-site.

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