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Bunki 4 (文亀四年)

==Timeline of 1504==

==Other Events of 1504==
*The [[Asakura clan]] clashes with the [[Togashi clan]] of [[Kaga Province]].
*[[Hojo Soun|Ise Shinkurô]] sends an army to support [[Uesugi Tomoyoshi|Ogigayatsu-Uesugi Tomoyoshi]] against the [[Yamanouchi Uesugi clan]] at Tachikawa in [[Musashi Province]].
*A fortress, the predecessor to the later (and currently extant) [[Matsumoto castle]], is constructed at Matsumoto.
*[[Yakushiji Motoichi]] launches a rebellion against ''[[Kanrei]]'' [[Hosokawa Masamoto]] in an attempt to set up his adopted son, [[Hosokawa Sumitomo]], as ''kanrei''. The rebellion is defeated.

===Births and Deaths===
*[[Chosokabe Kunichika|Chôsokabe Kunichika]] is born (d. [[1560]]).
*[[Obu Toramasa]] is born (d. [[1565]]).
*[[Togashi Yasutaka]] dies.
*Yakushiji Motoichi dies (b. [[1475]]).

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