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*''Built: [[1394]]-[[1427]]''
*''Founder: [[Hatakeyama Mitsuyoshi]]''
*''Japanese'': 七尾城 ''(Nanao-jou)''

Nanao castle was the chief fortress in [[Noto province]], originally built sometime between [[1394]] and [[1427]] by [[Hatakeyama Mitsuyoshi]], ''[[shugo]]'' of Noto at the time.

In [[1571]], [[Maeda Toshiie]] came to Noto leading the advance guard of [[Oda Nobunaga]]'s forces; he seized the castle and claimed it as his own. Toshiie submitted to the authority of [[Uesugi Kenshin]] following Kenshin's invasion of Noto and the fall of Nanao to his forces; having declared his loyalty to Kenshin, Toshiie was left in control of the castle.

He later moved many of the buildings to the site of [[Komaruyama castle]], but some parts of the stone foundations which remain are believed to have been built during this period of [[Maeda clan|Maeda]] occupation.

==Lords of Nanao castle==
*Hatakeyama Mitsuyoshi (c. 1394-1427 - ?)
*[[Hatakeyama Yoshimoto]] (? - [[1514]]?)
*[[Hatakeyama Yoshifusa]] ([[1526]]-[[1545]])
*Maeda Toshiie (1571-?)
*[[Hatakeyama Yoshinori]] (? - [[1577]])
*[[Yusa Tsugumitsu]] (c. 1577 - [[1581]])

*Terada Shôichi (ed.) ''Meijô wo aruku 2: Kanazawa-jô''. Tokyo: PHP Kenkyûsho, 2002.

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