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Kyôroku 1 (享禄元年)

==Timeline of 1528==
*1528/7 [[Asaino Sozui|Asaino Sôzui]] publishes the Ming Chinese medical text ''[[Isho Taizen]]''.

==Other Events==
*[[Ouchi Yoshitaka|Ôuchi Yoshitaka]] succeeds his father as head of the clan.
*[[Date clan]] attacks the [[Kasai clan]].
===Births and Deaths===
*1528/12/20 [[Ouchi Yoshioki|Ôuchi Yoshioki]] dies (b. 1477).
*[[Akechi Mitsuhide]] is born (d. 1582).
*[[Asahina Nobuoki]], Imagawa and Takeda retainer, is born (d. 1582).
*[[Jinbo Ujiharu]], Uesugi and Sassa retainer, is born (d. 1592).
*[[Kitabatake Tomonori]], lord of [[Ise province]], is born (d. 1576).
*[[Miyabe Tsugimasu]], retainer of the [[Asai clan]], is born (d. 1599).
*[[Naito Masanari|Naitô Masanari]], Tokugawa retainer, is born (d. 1602).
*[[Nene (b. 1528)|Nene]], daughter of [[Takeda Nobutora]], is born (d. 1543).
*[[Tanegashima Tokitada]], [[Shimazu clan]] retainer, is born (d. 1579).

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