Oda Nobushige

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  • Born: 1843
  • Other Names: 萬寿九郎 (Masukurô)
  • Japanese: 織田 信成 (Oda Nobushige)

Oda Nobushige was a Bakumatsu era lord of Yanagimoto han in Yamato province.

The second son of Oda Nobuakira (d. 1857/8/25), Nobushige succeeded his father to become lord of the 10,000 koku domain of Yanagimoto on 1857/12/16.[1] In 1860, he had his first formal audience with the shogun as head of his family and lord of his domain. In preparation for that audience, he was treated to a banquet by Sengoku Hisatoshi and Inaba Akimichi, senior daimyô attached to the Yanagi-no-ma of Edo castle, who helped guide him through the process.

Masukurô's lineage was descended from Oda Urakusai, a younger brother of Oda Nobunaga. They were the only one of the four branches of the Oda clan to be granted "castle holder" (shironushi) status by the Tokugawa shogunate.


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