Nene (b.1528)

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  • Born: 1528
  • Died: 1543
  • Japanese: 禰々

Nene was Takeda Nobutora's third daughter. She was married to Suwa Yorishige in the ninth month of 1540 as a political move for peace between theTakeda and Suwa clans. It is believed that in the 12th month of this year, Nobutora visited Yorishige and Nene, and brought back Yorishige's concubine Suwa Goryônin[1] to Kai province as a hostage. In 1542 she gave birth to Yorishige's first son. Unfortunately, all were killed the next year during an invasion by Takeda Shingen[2]


  1. Some sources dispute this, stating that Nene is actually also known as Goryônin
  2. Other sources state that she was returned to Kai safely with her son, dying 12 years later from illness.