Nakamura han (Tosa)

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  • Kokudaka: 20,000
  • Japanese: 中村藩 (Nakamura han)

Nakamura han was a branch domain of Tosa han, located in Tosa province on the island of Shikoku. It was formed in 1601, when Yamauchi Kazutoyo, the first Edo period daimyô of Tosa, suppressed resistance to his taking over the domain, and enfeoffed his retainers. The largest sub-fief in the domain was split off as Nakamura han, a 20,000 koku branch domain, and was given to Kazutoyo's brother, Yamauchi Yasutoyo.

The domain was confiscated by Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi in 1689, and re-absorbed into Tosa domain in 1696, after the lord of Nakamura at that time, a younger brother of the lord of Tosa, refused to accept appointment to become a wakadoshiyori in the shogunate government. He argued that he could not afford the expenses involved, and that furthermore as a tozama daimyô he should have been ineligible for the position anyway. The territory's production had been reassessed by that point, and added roughly 30,000 koku worth of value (13,000 koku of actual revenue in 1696) to the Yamauchi domain.[1]


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