Nagamine Sokyo

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  • Born: 1852/1/19
  • Died: 1932
  • Other Names: 華国 (Kakoku), 有文 (Mou Yuubun)
  • Japanese: 長嶺宗恭 (Nagamine Soukyou)

Nagamine Sôkyô, also known by his Chinese-style names Mô Yûbun and Kakoku, was a prominent Ryukyuan painter of the final years of the Ryûkyû Kingdom.

He was a member of the final cohort to take, and pass, a formal examination for painters offered by the Ryukyuan royal court.

His students included Kohagura Anshô (also known as Mô Chôtatsu).

Following the fall of the kingdom, he refused to join the prefectural register of artists, as a protest against annexation, but still showed in expositions.[1]


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