Kawashima Jinbei I

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  • Born: 1819
  • Died: 1879
  • Other Names: 上田屋甚平衛 (Uedaya Jinbee)
  • Japanese: 川島甚兵衛 (Kawashima Jinbee)

Kawashima Jinbee was a Nishijin-based kimono dealer who is known for his advances in weaving techniques.

He opened a wholesale kimono business, the Ueda-ya, in Nishijin in 1843, which was taken over his son, Kawashima Jinbei II, upon Jinbei's death in 1879.

The company continues to be active today, having been re-established as Kawashima Jinbee Shôten in 1938, and again later as Kawashima Orimono, KK.


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