Horiuchi Ujiyoshi

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  • Birth: 1549
  • Death: 1615
  • Titles: Awa no kami
  • Other names: Horiuchi Shigetoshi, Horiuchi Shinjirô
  • Distinction: Kii warlord, Oda, Toyotomi retainer

Ujiyoshi is believed to have been the second son of Horiuchi Ujitora, though one theory has that he was actually Ujitora's younger brother. Ujiyoshi was at first adopted into the Arima family but when Ujitora died without an heir, he returned to rule the Horiuchi clan. The Mô of western Honshu tried to win him to their side but he joined Oda Nobunaga instead and received an income of 20,000 koku as a result. After Nobunaga died, Ujiyoshi joined Toyotomi Hideyoshi and fought at the Battle of Yamazaki (1582) and the Siege of Odawara (1590). He married a daughter of Kûki Yoshitaka and was convinced by Yoshitaka to side with Ishida Mitsunari during the Sekigahara Campaign (1600). After Mitsunari's defeat, Ujiyoshi was dispossessed and entered the custody of Kato Kiyomasa. He died at Kumamoto in Higo province. Like his father-in-law Yoshikata, Ujiyoshi was skilled in the command of naval forces. His son Ujihisa would fight for Toyotomi Hideyori at Osaka Castle (1614, 1615) but was forgiven in the aftermath in light of his position as a personal escort to Sen-Hime.