Eta Funayama kofun

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A pair of gilt bronze slippers from the Eta Funayama kofun, on display at the Tokyo National Museum. National Treasures.
  • Date: c. 5-6th century
  • Excavated: 1873
  • Japanese: 江田船山古墳 (Eta/Eda funayama kofun)

Eta or Eda Funayama Kofun is a 5th or 6th century burial mound in Kumamoto prefecture. It was first excavated in 1873; a number of ancient swords and other objects from the kofun were traded to Bashford Dean of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1906, in exchange for Egyptian objects. Those objects from the Eta Funayama Kofun remaining in Japan were named National Treasures in 1965, and remain in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum.


  • Gallery labels, Arms & Armor Gallery, Metropolitan Museum.
  • Gallery labels, Tokyo National Museum.