Egawa Hidetatsu

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  • Died: 1855/1/16
  • Other Names: 英竜 (Hidetatsu)
  • Japanese: 江川 太郎左衛門 (Egawa Tarouzaemon)

Egawa Tarôzaemon was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served as Nirayama daikan, overseeing Izu province and some of the surrounding areas, in the late 1840s until his death in 1855. He played a prominent role in coastal defense and in interactions with Western ships and their crews around that time.

He was named teppôkata (gunnery official) in 1854, and held rank equivalent to kanjô ginmiyaku.

He died on 1855/1/16 at his Edo residence. He was later posthumously granted the Senior Fourth Rank, and was succeeded as daikan and teppôkata by his son Egawa Hidetoshi (Yasunojô).


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