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Task List

Categories that need editors

Although every category still needs editing and material added, we need editors in particular for the following categories:

  1. Category:Fiction Books
  2. Category:History Books
  3. Category:Movies
  4. Category:Television
  5. Category:Historians
  6. Category:Emperors
  7. Editors for Religion subcategories
  8. Category:Temples
  9. Category:Shrines
  10. Category:Arms and Armor
  11. Editors for Mythology subcategories

Before jumping in, please read through the editing and formatting information on the Main Page.

Task Forces that need members

Bujutsu Task Force

There is a new task force working on the numerous Bujutsu articles. If you would like to join the task force, please go here: Bujutsu Task Force.

Shinsengumi Task Force

The Shinsengumi Task Force has been developed to facilitate research on Shinsengumi articles for the SamuraiWiki. If you're interested in joining, please go here: Shinsengumi Task Force.

Emperors of Japan Task Force

This task force will develop biographies and related articles for the emperors of Japan. To join this task force, please go here: SamuraiWiki:Emperors of Japan Task Force.