Asayama Shigetatsu

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  • Born: 1610
  • Died: 1687
  • Titles: Ichidensai (一伝斉), Kuranosuke (内蔵助)
  • Yômei: Sangorô (三五郎)
  • Other Names: (Asayama Ichidensai Kazunori) 浅山 一伝斉 一存
  • Japanese: 浅山 重晨 (Asayama Shigetatsu) or 浅山 重晟 (Asayama Shigeakira)


Accounts of Asayama Shigetatsu's life come to use through differing accounts. His childhood name was Sangorô, and he was later called Kuranosuke. He also went by the name Ichidensai Kazunori.

One tradition states that Ichidensai received transmission from Kuniie Yauemon (国家弥右衛門), a man from Usui, in Jôshu, and a student of Marume Mondonoshô. However, the historical records do not confirm this lineage.

Another tradition states that Ichidensai studied under several others, including Kamiizumi Hidetsuna (上泉秀綱), Okuyama Saemondaiyu Tadanobu (奥山左衛門大夫忠信)[1], and Nakamura Senjurô (中村泉十郎)[2]. In addition, as a traveling rônin he studied under the Yoshioka family in the capital. He then opened up his own school in Edo.

If you look at the writings of oral traditions, there also appears to be a connection to Tamiya Ryu.

Regardless of the particular details, it is generally agreed that he is the founder of Asayama Ichiden Ryu. He died on the 5th day of the first month of the 4th year of Jôkyô (1687) at the age of 78.


  1. A student of Marume Kurando(no-sa?) (丸目蔵人佐) of Taisha Ryu
  2. A student of Kamiizumi Hidetsuna


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