• Established: 1376
  • Japanese: 禅源寺 (Zengen-ji)

Zengen-ji is a Rinzai Zen temple of the Myôshin-ji sect, located in Inazawa, Aichi prefecture. Also known as Kinkazan, it was founded in 1376.

The temple lay along the route traveled by Ryukyuan embassies to Edo during the Edo period, and possesses a still-extant work of calligraphy composed in 1718 by Ryukyuan vice-ambassador (fukushi) Shô Wasei / Nishihira ueekata Chôjo and gifted by Chôjo to the temple.

The grounds also contain the grave of Yamauchi Kakubee, a samurai from Satsuma han who died on 1832/11/3 while serving as a member of the retinue escorting that year's Ryukyuan embassy.


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