Yusa Tsugumitsu

  • Died: 1581
  • Distinction: Hatakeyama retainer
  • Titles: Mimasaka no kami
  • Japanese: 遊佐続光 (Yusa Tsugumitsu)

Tsugamitsu served the Hatakeyama of Noto province. He became part of a conspiracy against Hatakeyama Yoshitaka and in 1574 the latter was poisoned and murdered. He sent hostages to Uesugi Kenshin and submitted when that warlord invaded Noto in 1577. When Kenshin departed Noto, Tsugumitsu was left in charge of Nanao Castle. Later he accepted the authority of the Oda. In 1581, having incurred Oda Nobunaga's displeasure somehow, Tsugumitsu was murdered.