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Yorimasa is a second-category ("warrior") Noh play by Zeami, which revolves around the story of Minamoto no Yorimasa.

The play takes place at the Byôdôin in Uji, where a priest (waki) traveling from the capital meets an old man (the shite) who offers to show him around the temple. After the priest asks about the origins of an odd fan-shaped section of lawn, the old man reveals himself to be the spirit of the warrior Minamoto no Yorimasa who killed himself there during the First Battle of Uji (in 1180, part of the Genpei War).

In the second act, the ghost of Yorimasa appears in full armor, and relates his story of being pressed back by the Taira clan warriors; during the battle, he explains, he laid his fan on the ground before him as he committed suicide. The ghost then disappears, asking that the priest pray for him.


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