Yokoi Kinkoku

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Peace and Prosperity Under Heaven, 1809. Detail. Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • Born: 1761
  • Died: 1832
  • Japanese: 横井 金谷 (Yokoi Kinkoku)

Yokoi Kinkoku was an Edo period literati painter, poet, seal-carver, ceramics artist, and monk. He studied under Yosa Buson.

Kinkoku relocated a number of times over the course of his life, spending time in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Ômi province, and Nagasaki. A Buddhist priest early in his life, he left that life after his temple burned down, and turned to shûgendô, traveling and climbing mountains as a form of religious practice.

He later studied under Yosa Buson, and became prolific as a literati painter, as well as in a number of other arts.


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