Yamazaki Susumu

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  • Born: 1833?
  • Died: 1868
  • Title: Shinsengumi Investigator
  • Japanese: 山崎 烝 (Yamazaki Susumu)

Yamazaki Susumu was born in Osaka as the son of an Acupuncture therapist. It is unknown when he joined the Shinsengumi. He was a spy for the Shinsengumi, and had an important role in the Ikedaya Affair, the Choshu war and many other incidents. He learned medicine from Matsumoto Ryojun and worked as an emergency doctor in the Shinsengumi. In 1868, he was gravely wounded in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. He died on the battleship Fujisan maru on the way to Edo. (Some historians dispute this) According to the Shinsengumi Ibun, Kondo Isami gave a tear-filled condolence speech in his honor.

In 2004, what is believed to be Yamazaki Susumu's note book was found and displayed in the Hino Furusato Museum. It is unclear whether the book will be published.

Yamazaki Susumu in Fiction


  • Ikedaya ibun (池田屋異聞) Shiba Ryotaro


  • Shinsengumi Shimatsuki (新選組始末記) 1963 (Director:Misumi Kenji)