William Adams

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The English navigator, sailled from Peru as a result of shipwrecks turned out to be in 1600 in Bungo Province on Japanese island. The persisting name William Adams. (the prototype of the main hero of the book James Clavell "Shogun").

Having Arrived on the island of Kyushu on a dutch ship, he became the captive shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. The knowledge’s and practical skills Adams were used bakufu (on his project and under its managament is built several courts of the european type) and are high evaluated. In the same way Adams played the of no small importance role in shaping the positions bakufu to Spain and catholic church.

The whole life Adams dreamed to return back, but government shogun did not release him. To distract him from these thoughts him were made splendid conditions of the residence, he has got the rank of the samurai, japanese name Miura Anjin, the land and manor, married the japanese girl.

Anjin died in 1620. In Japan and was buried on buddhism of the traditions, got posthumous name Dyuryo-man yan Genjui-koji.

The street in Edo, on which was found house Adams, was subsequently named in his honour - "Anjin tyo" (the quarter of the navigator), but in the same way in honour of memories about him was made annual holiday.