Vagabond (Manga)

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Series Information

  • Inoue, Takehiko. Vagabond (バガボンド), Kodansha, Japan, 1998-.


Vagabond is a manga adaptation of the novel Miyamoto Musashi by Yoshikawa Eiji. The series chronicles the life of villager Takezô as he evolves into the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi and goes on to battle Sasaki Kojirô.

As of January 2007, 24 collected tankoubon volumes have been published in Japan, and North American publisher Viz is releasing an English version.


  • Miyamoto Musashi - Initially known as Shinmen Takezô, Musashi is the son of expert swordsman Munisai. Due to his harsh upbringing, young Musashi vows to become the strongest swordsman alive. He leaves his village home of Miyamoto to further his training and eventually participates in the Battle of Sekigahara.
  • Hon'iden Matahachi - Musashi's childhood friend, Matahachi quickly falls into a dissolute lifestyle after leaving the village of Miyamoto and becoming separated from Musashi. He runs into trouble after impersonating Sasaki Kojirô.
  • O-tsû - An orphan, O-tsû was raised by the Hon'iden family and betrothed to Matahachi. She gradually becomes aware of romantic feelings for Musashi, leading to conflict with Matahachi and his family.
  • Sasaki Kojirô - Mute and abandoned, Kojirô is raised by a ronin. He develops at intense attachment to swords and fencing at an early age, possessing an almost preternatural ability to react to his opponents' moves.
  • Takuan Sôhô - A wandering Buddhist priest with friends in high places, Takuan dispenses words of wisdom, genial advice, and "tough love" to Musashi.

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