Uyama Hisakane

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  • Died: 1566
  • Titles: Hida no kami
  • Other names: Moriyama Hisakane, Hisanobu
  • Distinction: Amako retainer

Hisakane was the son of Uyama Hisahide and served Amako Yoshihisa. He fought to relieve Shiraga castle when Môri Motonari invaded Izumo in 1563 and when that place fell joined in the defense of Gassan-Toda. When Motonari ordered that Gassan-Toda was to be starved into submission, Hisakane became so distressed by the condition of the defenders around him that he gave away all of his belongings and tried to arrange for food to be spirited into the castle from as far away as Tamba and Wakasa. Hisakane did all he could to stiffen the flagging morale of the defenders and perhaps as a result Motonari managed to have rumors started within the castle that Hisakane was actually planning to betray Yoshihisa. Yoshihisa had Hisakane and his son executed, an act which crushed whatever spirit was left in the Amako warriors. Gassan-Toda surrendered soon afterwards