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New User's Guide to the Samurai Wiki

Welcome to the SamuraiWiki!

Before editing or creating any articles, please read these sections. These sections will show you the standard format for articles on the SamuraiWiki. Furthermore, do not simply copy and paste from sources. All articles must be original.

Plagarism from other sources is prohibited and may result in immediate banning.

Feel free to delete this posting after you have read and understand the correct formatting and rules for the SamuraiWiki

Sanada Yukimura

You're "Yukimura Sanada" entry doesn't follow the established wiki format of family name first, so I have changed it to "Sanada Yukimura". It also does not follow the The official biography format for the Samurai Wiki. You have also not categorized the article.

Please correct. Thanks

Feel free to ask any questions on the talk page of an entry you create, or on my talk page directly. --Kitsuno 12:04, 12 November 2006 (PST)