Tsugaru Tamenobu

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  • Birth: 1550
  • Death: 1607
  • Other name: Ukyônosuke
  • Distinction: Mutsu warlord

Tamenobu, who resided at Ôura castle, was the son of Ôura Morinobu and was adopted by his uncle, Tameaki. He became the lord of the Ôura in 1567 and was at that time a vassal of the Nanbu family. He defeated Kitabatake Akimura in 1578 and in the summer of 1581 he rebelled against the Nanbu and established himself as an independent power. By 1588 he had extended his power over all of the Tsugaru region. He supported Toyotomi Hideyoshi during the Odawara Campaign (1590), the same year he adopted the name Tsugaru, and lent his forces to the reduction of Kunohe castle in 1591. He went to Kyushu during the Korean Campaigns to join Hideyoshi’s headquarters. Following Hideyoshi’s death he initiated friendly relations with Tokugawa Ieyasu and he sided with him during the Sekigahara Campaign. He distinguished himself in the taking of Ôgaki castle in Mino province. Tamenobu ended his career at Hirosaki castle with an income of 47,000 koku. He died on 29 March 1607.