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  • Japanese/Okinawan: (Tomari / Tumai)

Tomari was a district of the city of Naha, the chief port of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, and a major port in its own right.

A one-kilometer-long, narrow earthen embankment called the Chôkôtei connected the tiny off-shore island of Ukishima, where most of the other districts of Naha were located, to the Okinawan "mainland," ending at the temple of Sôgenji in Tomari.

While the port of Naha was the chief site for receiving foreign ships, ships from Yaeyama, Miyako, Amami, and other outlying islands within the kingdom, including those bringing tribute, made port at Tomari. The Tomari satonushi, the chief administrator for the district, was also in charge of receiving and managing the tribute from Amami; the district also contained warehouses for storing the tribute goods.[1]


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