Tokugawa Yorifusa

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Yorifusa’s mother was O Man no Kata. He was given a 100,000 koku fief at Shimotzuma in Hitachi province as a child (1603) and in 1621 was given Mito, worth 350,000 koku. As a young man he was tutored by Nakayama Bizen no kami Nobuyoshi (1576-1642), a member of a former Hôjô retainer family. Yorifusa was considered the most clever of Ieyasu's last three sons, and a number of anecdotes involving the three of them and Ieyasu survive. Yorifusa's Mito domain became the third of the gosankyô houses and was destined to provide the 15th and final Tokugawa shôgun, Yoshinobu.