Tatsuoka Mansaku

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  • Born: 1742
  • Died: 1809/9/3
  • Japanese: 辰岡万作 (Tatsuoka Mansaku)

Tatsuoka Mansaku was a kabuki playwright, particularly known for his plays Keisei Yanagizakura, Ise Ondo Koi no Netaba, and Hade Kurabe Ishikawazome, all of which he wrote along with Chikamatsu Tokuzô.

The son of Tatsuoka Hisagiku, Mansaku was originally an actor, but around the late 1760s, he began studying under Fujikawa Sanpachi, and became a playwright. From around the mid-1790s onward[1], he was among the most prominent playwrights in the Kamigata region, alongside Namiki Gohei I and Chikamatsu Tokuzô.

His childhood name was Mantarô (万太郎); later in life, he also used the poetry names (haimyô) (紫楽) and (紫紅).


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