Takeda Yoshinobu

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  • Born: 1536?
  • Died: 1567
  • Title: Izu no Kami

Yoshinobu was Shingen's eldest son. His mother was the daughter of court noble Sanjô Kinyori and Yoshinobu himself was married to a daughter of Imagawa Yoshimoto in 1552. He argued with his father over the conduct of the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima (1561), where he was wounded, and relations between father and son soured after this. In 1565 he was accused of plotting against Shingen and was confined to the Toko temple. In 1567 he was made to commit suicide. Another theory has it that he died of illness, though most historians accept that Shingen ordered his death. He was also known as Takeda Taro.