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  • Early Satsuma wares, produced up through the 18th century chiefly for use in [[tea ceremony]], were simple, cream-colored ceramics with a pale, finel ...ese works were displayed at Satsuma's pavilion at the [[1867 Paris World's Fair]], Satsuma wares became all the more popular among Western buyers, and even
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  • also made extensive use of diptych and triptych forms, perfecting their use in forming larger scenes, rather than simply pairing up or contrasting larg He is also known for his ''[[shunga]]'', which comprised a fair portion of his output, as they did for most ''ukiyo-e'' artists.
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  • ...[1788]] handscroll painting by [[Yamaguchi Suio|Yamaguchi Suiô]], based on images in the ''[[Chuzan denshin roku|Zhongshan chuanxin lu]]'' by [[Xu Baoguang]] ...sion to Chinese centrality and superiority, the kingdom actually enjoyed a fair degree of agency and authority in determining when investiture missions wou
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