Sho Sho

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Shô Shô as seen in a 1918 photograph of the Shô family.
  • Born: 1888
  • Died: 1923
  • Titles: 侯爵 (kôshaku, Marquis)
  • Japanese: (Shô Shô)

Marquis Shô Shô was the eldest son of Shô Ten, final Crown Prince of the Ryukyu Kingdom; his mother was known as Nodake udun.[1] As a young person, he attended the Gakushûin Peers' School. Upon Shô Ten's death in 1920, Shô Shô inherited his father's position as head of the Shô family, kôshaku (Marquis), and member of the House of Peers.

He married a woman named Momoko, with whom he had several children, including a son named Shô Hiroshi, and a daughter named Fumiko.

Shô Shô died three years later, in 1923, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Hiroshi.


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  1. Roughly, "a woman of the Nodake palace, or of the Nodake noble family.