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==Han in Satsuma==
==Han in Satsuma==
*Satsuma han 薩摩藩  
*[[Satsuma han]] 薩摩藩

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Japanese:薩摩国(Satsuma no kuni) or 薩州(Sasshu).

Present Western Kagoshima prefecture.

Han in Satsuma


  • Izumi district 出水郡
  • Taki district 高城郡
  • Satsuma district 薩摩郡
  • Isa district 伊佐郡
  • Nisikijima district 甑島郡
  • Hioki district 日置郡
  • Isaku district 伊作郡
  • Ata district 阿多郡
  • Kawanabe district 河辺郡
  • Kiire district 給黎郡
  • Ibusuki district 揖宿郡
  • Ei district 頴娃郡
  • Taniyama district 谿山郡
  • Kagoshima district 鹿児島郡

Battles in Satsuma province