Nomura Chogi

  • Titles: 野村親方 (Nomura ueekata)
  • Other Names: 元模 (Shô Genbo)
  • Japanese: 野村 朝宜 (Nomura Chôgi)

Nomura ueekata Chôgi, also known as Shô Genbo, was a Ryukyuan scholar-official who served as vice-envoy (fukushi) on the 1850 Ryukyuan embassy to Edo.

The 11th head of the Kin udun line, a branch of the main Shô family royal lineage, he was the second son of Kin anji Chôei (Shô Kokuei). He served as head of a tribute mission to Beijing in 1846, and delivered to the Daoguang Emperor a formal appeal from King Shô Iku reporting on British and French ships entering and surveying Ryukyuan waters, and Christian missionaries being sent to Ryûkyû. This appeal also requested Qing intervention to help Ryûkyû expel these Europeans and to help allow Ryûkyû to refuse to trade with them; Satsuma han blocked any potential Qing intervention, however.[1]

Sometime after returning from the 1850 embassy to Edo, Nomura was named sôjitô overseeing Izena and Iheya Islands.


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