Nakamura-ke nikki

  • Date: 1644-1863
  • Japanese: 中村家日記 (Nakamura ke nikki)

The Nakamura-ke nikki, or "Diary of the Nakamura Family," is a set of records maintained by the Nakamura family of the port-town of Tomonoura, who were both owner-operators of the town's chief honjin (elite lodgings) and purveyors of a local specialty liquor called homeishu.

The Diary, surviving in 26 volumes, covers a period from 1646 to 1866. However, there are frequently only a few tens of entries per year, skipping over a great many days (and events), and offering only a very few lines for those events that are mentioned. For example, a Ryukyuan embassy to Edo that passed through Tomonoura in 1790 is mentioned in two entries, very briefly summarizing that the mission arrived at Tomonoura in the evening on 10/13, and that Yoseyama peechin, a member of the mission, had died of illness, and was buried early in the morning (on 10/14) at Komatsu-ji in Tomonoura.[1] The Ryukyuan mission which passed through Tomonoura on the return from Edo in 1851 is mentioned briefly as well.[2] However, there are no entries for the dates when Ryukyuan missions would have passed through the town in 1796 or 1806.[3]


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