Nakagawa Kiyohide

  • Born: 1542
  • Died: 1583
  • Title: Sebyôe no Jô

Kiyohide was a retainer of Nobunaga under Araki Murashige and originally held Ibaragi in Settsu province. In 1578 he joined with his neighbor Takayama Ukon in following Araki Murashige in rebellion against Nobunaga. Both Kiyohide and Ukon were convinced to surrender their castles to the Oda and kept their holdings in the aftermath of the rebellion. Nakagawa joined Hideyoshi's army following the death of Nobunaga in 1582 and fought at the Battle of Yamazaki. He was afterwards assigned to hold Shizugatake castle in north Ômi province and was killed in 1583 under attack by Shibata general Sakuma Morimasa.