Nagasaki tandai shoku

  • Established: 1642
  • Abolished: 1670
  • Japanese: 長崎探題職 (Nagasaki tandai shoku)

The Nagasaki tandai shoku was an official assigned by the Tokugawa shogunate to work with the Nagasaki bugyô to coordinate the defense of the port of Nagasaki. Most, if not all, of those assigned to this position were daimyô of domains in Western Japan.

The first to be assigned to the then-unnamed post was Matsudaira Tadaaki of Himeji han in 1642. He was succeeded shortly afterwards by Matsudaira Sadayuki of Iyo Matsuyama han, who was succeeded in turn by his son, Matsudaira Sadayori. Ogasawara Tadazane of Kokura han and Ôkubo Tadamoto of Karatsu han were the final two to hold the position, which was abolished upon Tadamoto's death in 1670.


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