Murahashi Naoe

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  • Other Names: 村橋久成 (Murahashi Hisanari), 橋直輔 (Hashi Naosuke)
  • Japanese: 村橋直衛 (Murahashi Naoe)

Murahashi Naoe was one of nineteen young men from Satsuma han who snuck out of the country in 1865 to study in Europe.

Murahashi traveled to Europe in 1865 at the age of 23 and under the name Hashi Naosuke, where he studied military science. He returned to Japan in 1866/2 and later took part in the 1868-1869 battle of Hakodate. He remained in Hokkaidô after the Meiji Restoration, and contributed to agricultural development of the territory.


  • Plaque at the monument to the Satsuma students at Kagoshima Chûô train station, Kagoshima.[1]