Mo Kokutei

  • Born: 1571/8/15
  • Died: 1643/6/16
  • Japanese/Chinese: 国鼎 (Mou Kokutei / Máo Guódǐng)

Mô Kokutei, or Máo Guódǐng, was the founder of the Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat Mô family of Kumemura.

Originally from Zhangzhou in Fujian province, in 1600 Mao aided a Ryukyuan mission which had been driven off-course, sailing them home to Ryûkyû. As a result of this connection, during the 1606 Ryukyuan tribute mission to China, Mao served as interpreter. He was later appointed seigi dayû (the highest court rank a person of Kumemura could achieve).


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