Miyoshi Yukinaga

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  • Died: 1520
  • Titles: Chikuzen no kami
  • Other names: Miyoshi Nagateru

Yukinaga was a son of Miyoshi Nagayuki. He served the Hosokawa and held land in Awa province. He supported Hosokawa Sumimoto and in 1506 led an army against Hosokawa Masamoto in Kyoto. Masamoto fled the capital and Yukinaga clashed inconclusivly with troops under Kôzai Motonaga. The following year Kôzai and Hosokawa Sumiyuki murdered Hosokawa Masamoto and drove Yukinaga from Kyoto. Yukinaga returned under the command of Sumimoto a month later and Sumiyuki committed suicide. In 1508 an Ôuchi army supporting the cause of Hosokawa Takakuni and Ashikaga Yoshitane marched on Kyoto and Yukinaga and Sumimoto fled to Shikoku. Yukinaga continued to support Sumimoto and managed to occupy Kyoto for a short time in 1511. While Hosokawa Takakuni was able to regain the capital, Yukinaga and Sumimoto once again entered the city in 1520. Takakuni was able, once again and with the assistance of the Rokkaku, to drive the Sumimoto faction from Kyoto. In the process Yukinaga was cornered and compelled to commit suicide.