Miura Yoshimura

  • Japanese: 三浦 義村 (Miura Yoshimura)

Miura Yoshimura was a close follower of Minamoto no Yoritomo.

After fighting for the Minamoto clan in the Genpei War, Yoshimura also led troops for the Minamoto against the Ôshû Fujiwara in 1189. He defended or protected Minamoto no Sanetomo on a number of occasions, including contributing to the suppression of the 1213 Wada Conflict.

Some scholars, however, suspect Yoshimura of having been an accomplice involved in planning or supporting Minamoto no Kugyô's assassination of Sanetomo, on account of indications in the Azuma kagami and other texts that Kugyô fled to Yoshimura's residence immediately after the assassination and sought to discuss with Yoshimura the process of how Kugyô would be named shogun.

As late as 1224, Yoshimura stood loyally by the Hôjô clan, helping in that year to derail a plan by the Iga family to topple the Hôjô.