Matsudaira Chikayoshi (1828-1886)

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  • Born: 1828/7/5
  • Died: 1886/11/18
  • Other Names: 大給近説 (Ogyuu Chikayoshi)
  • Japanese: 松平近説 (Matsudaira Chikayoshi)

Matsudaira Chikayoshi was the 10th Edo period daimyô of Funai han in Bungo province.

The 11th son of Matsudaira Sadanaga, lord of Kuwana han in Ise province, Chikayoshi was adopted by Matsudaira Chikanobu of the Ogyû Matsudaira clan and succeeded him, becoming lord of Funai in 1841.

As lord of Funai, he established a han school, calling it the Yûenkan (遊焉館), as well as a medical school. After serving concurrently for a time as both sôshaban and jisha bugyô (Magistrate of Temples & Shrines), he was named wakadoshiyori in 1867. He changed his name from Matsudaira to Ogyû the following year.

Chikayoshi lived well into the Meiji period, and died on 1886/11/18 at the age of 59.