Makino Tadamasa

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  • Died: 1858/8/23
  • Titles: Bizen no kami
  • Japanese: 牧野 忠雅 (Makino Tadamasa)

Makino Tadamasa was a late Edo period lord of Nagaoka han and prominent Tokugawa shogunate official. He served as Kyoto shoshidai from 1840/1/13 to 1843/11/3, and as of 1853 was a member of the rôjû.

On 1857/9/10, he was relieved of his position as one of the Rôjû; he was praised for his diligence, promoted to Tamari-tsume rank, and was granted territories which collected higher nengu tax payments.[1]

Tadamasa died on 1858/8/23. He was succeeded as lord of Nagaoka by his adoptive heir Makino Tadayuki, the third son of Matsudaira Norihiro, lord of Nishio han.[2]

Preceded by
Manabe Akikatsu
Kyoto shoshidai
Succeeded by
Sakai Tadayoshi


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