Koremune clan

  • Japanese: 惟宗家 (Koremune ke)

The Koremune clan were a samurai clan originally from Sanuki province on Shikoku.

The Koremune are said to have been descendants of members of the Hata clan who settled in Sanuki. They relocated to Kyoto, and in the 9th century took on the name "Koremune." From the Heian period onwards, many members of the clan became famous jurists or physicians; a number of members of the clan were significant practitioners of onmyôdô. From the medieval period onwards, the Koremune served the Imperial court.

Shimazu Tadahisa, founder of the Shimazu clan, was either the son or step-son of Koremune Hirokoto and Tango no tsubone. Hirokoto served the Konoe family, who granted Tadahisa administrative authority over a large shôen in Kyushu, known as Shimazu-shô, in 1185. It was from this that Tadahisa took on the Shimazu name, and founded the clan.

Select Members of the Koremune clan