Kedo-In Yoshishige

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Yoshishige was a son of Kedo-In Shigetake and the 13th (or 14th) head of his family. He was heavily involved in the shifting alliances and feuds that surrounded the Shimazu family in the early sengoku period, clashing with Shimazu Takahisa in 1544. He is said to have been stabbed to death by his wife (who was from the Shimazu house) in a fit of jealous rage. While his wife was quickly dispatched by one of his pages, the Kedo-In house came to an end. Yoshishige lands were absorbed by Iriki-In Shigetsugu. As the former Kedo-in retainers refused to follow Shigetsugu, Shimazu Takahisa took control of the area and later turned it over to Shimazu Toshihisa.